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Wedding DJ Services

Byron and Beyond


With more than 14 years of experience in the music industry, we specialise in tailoring musical experiences to complement the unique ambiance of weddings and events.


DJ Todd James brings a dynamic approach, reading the crowd and selecting tunes spontaneously to ensure a memorable celebration. We encourage clients to share 20 song/artist preferences as a foundation for DJ Todd James, or alternatively, we can manage the entire music selection for those more comfortable with this option.


Additionally, we happily accommodate any special requirements, songs, or cues essential to your wedding or event, in addition to the 20 artist song preferences you provide. Your musical journey with us is crafted to be personalized and exceptional.

Hellyeah Entertainment | Wedding Video
Hellyeah Entertainment | Wedding Video
Hellyeah Entertainment | Wedding Video
Hellyeah Entertainment | Event Video


Service with passion and a smile



Sound check completed prior to the ceremony/reception

Lighthouse beach wedding DJ ballina Todd


Punctual and reliable service

Gold Coast wedding DJ


Personally meet you before the wedding

Wedding playlists


Listen to sample mixes by Byron Bay wedding DJ Todd James

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